is not in your mind chowhound mostly female friends, in fact, shisexingye, regardless of gender, male friend must not chowhound less than women, but they will not easily show. Some people say, do small business with big business, to do business women, certainly has much to offer, so a puff store promising. Some people think that women are more likely than men to have a sweet tooth. So the investment is a popular dessert business. But a puff dessert failed example of how to make their own meet the eye everywhere, open the shop to make money?

teach you how to open a profitable puff dessert

on site

as long as the location of many people can. The best in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, such as concentrated. The passenger station, near the pier and the restaurant is not because of the high rent and lots of shops, people come and go, the belly is not hungry, not eat sweets shop.

store layout

the most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. With a lot of money decoration store there is absolutely no need, customer puffs, little attention to the facade of the luxury, they are more concerned about the taste, nutrition and health food. Puff as long as the quality of clearance, the store clean and beautiful, don’t worry about business. Should pay attention to choose the elegant and refined dishes more than other shops to open a store so that customers see a puff, tableware has comfortable feeling that this shop is worth holding enough taste, again often should store furnishings can accommodate 15 people and an area of about 10 square meters.

price variety

We must have perseverance to open a puff store

, can not be "a fat".

price, the best is to adapt the popular price, each bowl of sweet price of about 2 – 5 yuan, add egg cakes, cake, by the customer to decide, not to engage in matchmaker, otherwise easily lead to dissatisfaction. Varieties, not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person, when the boss man, so seven or eight varieties is enough for your busy. If there is a help collection, do chores, then more than a dozen varieties is enough. If there is a helper to three or four people, more than 20 kinds of varieties should be so.

business strategy

cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. All concerned with the food industry, pay attention to the customer’s taste, the best way to attract repeat customers is to have their own special flavor. Sometimes, if you are going to cook a dessert that is about to be sold, the owner must first taste whether the original flavor has been lost