in the course of the operation of the snack bar, we need to consider many factors, of which the site is also a very important point of nature. In short, if you want to open a good snack bar, do a good job site selection is very important. However, any one of the work has a lot of attention. So, snack shop location should pay attention to what?

(1) is the first to choose a certain climate has become a commercial road or commercial plaza. It does not have a snack shop bellwether effect, do not hastily to go to some advanced rate just opened the commercial square, unless the place of the prospect of a good grasp, look very accurate.

(2) should pay attention to the composition of consumers in the region. Snack bars, especially in high-end snack shops are the main target of consumption of young people and children, and the largest part should be young MM.

(3) snack shop location to choose the image of the surrounding shops, the location of a good grade. Don’t get into a cheap store.

(4) to choose the location of the snack bar and the relevant similar shops have a certain distance. This shop is different from clothing and so on, you can make a trip into the city, it does not need this to attract consumers, mainly by their own commodity varieties, commodity prices, stores, etc. to attract customers.

different operators, the importance of a store operation will be different, because of this, there will be a lot of investors ignore the location of snack bar location. In fact, the location of the snack bar is the foundation of the latter part of the snack shop, do a good job of positioning the snack bar, through different positioning to the snack bar location, you can achieve the desired effect of opening the snack bar to make money.