said innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are the first idea of funding, projects and other issues. As for the legal coat may be more entrepreneurs who ignore, and now venture, the proportion of the law is growing, want to better ensure their own interests, do not take off the cloak of law.

Baoan District from the "industrial zone" to "industrial city" across, it is essential that the escort on corporate law. Starting this week, the statement weekly launched a series of corporate legal risk prevention report, hoping to provide some inspiration for the enterprise.

has recently been at least ten cases of lawsuits Ding (a pseudonym) is desperate, he will face the possibility of personal assets to repay the debts of the company. In contrast, recently the company to move to a new home Zhou Ting lucky, start at the beginning, the company experienced other shareholders advised her to hire accounting and legal advisors, although a lot of difficulties, but after legal risk control, the company is still running smoothly. Recently, she finally saw his product line 1.1.

lead to "piercing the corporate veil"

2014 years, Xiaoding and a few friends together to set up a trading company, through the Tmall store sales, and agreed by Xiaoding as the company’s actual operators. Ding quite business minded, the company started doing quite well, and even attracted several partners, by the company responsible for the small partners in the Tmall store online and offline operation.

later other partners to join the allocation of equity is not clear, but the trouble is, whether it is the other shareholders of investment funds, the late investment partners, or to suppliers to pay the purchase price, do not take the company’s business account, but all into Xiaoding’s private account.

"equity investment funds are divided into personal accounts, only by agreement is difficult to identify the nature of the money, what is investment, or borrowing?" Guangdong City lawyer Zhang Lei said, Ding said the loss of business, the supplier sued the company to do business with him, friends do not believe, is that he kept the money for himself. It was a good solution, can be found in books, and business account flow comparison is simple and clear.

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