shoots a lot of people have eaten fresh, perhaps more expensive, but for the more rural people, this is not what precious things, the house before the village you can only on a lot, but for more places, this product is a "scourge", a bamboo everywhere drill. However, Ling’an such a small City, but the small bamboo shoots in hot, and formed its own brand, the reputation of the entire market is real.

Ling’an Sambo: tea, pecan, dried bamboo shoots. In recent years, known as the "hometown of bamboo in China," the reputation of the bamboo shoots in Ling’an, the more the brand hit the sound, Ling’an bamboo farmers increasingly rich income. According to statistics, in 2007, the city has a total area of 1 million acres of bamboo, bamboo production area of 880 thousand acres, of which Lei Zhu main dishes more than 50 acres of bamboo shoots, with an annual output of 260 thousand tons, the largest south vegetable garden ", last year the city’s bamboo income amounted to 602 million yuan, processing output value reached 690 million yuan. The great development of Ling’an bamboo shoots industry relies on the spirit of Ling’an people.

in order to improve the yield per unit area, bamboo shoots elongated shoots, Ling’an forestry scientific research personnel in the implementation of a number of promotion belong to the leading level in domestic bamboo, bamboo project low coverage technology and early ray Zhuqiu bamboo production technology. Forestry science and technology personnel and timely application of bamboo cultivation techniques, wrong season late maturing summer shoots excellent bamboo species screening and cultivation technology research and promotion project, listing time elongated shoots, formed a spring bamboo shoots, spring and autumn seasons out of bamboo, bamboo shoots, spring and autumn winter bamboo shoots also have a large number of listed production pattern four seasons of the year, the supply of fresh bamboo shoots.