is so famous at a hotel in Zhengzhou that it will provide food for the people who need it, and won a lot of praise. In the minds of consumers, with the establishment of love refrigerator, so that more people remember the brand of the hotel. There sanitation workers, low income households said that this help and give them retain their dignity, hope more and more similar to the hotel.

the hotel is located in Zhengzhou road and Huashan road intersection. In March 9th, the reporter saw in the hotel lobby, a long 1.5 meters, 2 meters high near the refrigerator is placed in the entrance door right inside the refrigerator stocked with all kinds of food are fried, steamed dry, fish cake, fried chicken and so on, we use a disposable lunch box. Refrigerator above the food free of charge, six characters very eye-catching.

[the same period] (hotel staff Liu)

you like we sometimes on the side of the road, will see the sanitation workers, at noon with a dry Steamed Buns, boiling water (lunch), feel really poor, but we do it sometimes, from dignity, may affect them, they may feel not so good. But we passed this (love refrigerator) words, let all people live in dignity, which means you can have dignity here to take food, all can bring, as long as these needs, we can free.

The establishment of

love of the refrigerator, not only to protect human dignity, but also provided convenience for people, this is a good deed, in the city of Zhengzhou have more visibility. This is a very good activity, austerity well, of course we are customer support this activity, I hope you can do it (Hotel). As mentioned earlier, the rest of the meal, must be replaced in time, no matter who to eat to ensure quality.

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