food and beverage industry, although there is no current real estate and the Internet industry to make money, but every day must share the consumption of food and beverage industry as a basic platform for the general public business, although the threshold is low, but at the same time, the market competition is big, of course for a novice entrepreneurship, catering business early choose the brand is very important, should recommend today the restaurant was Kung Fu lotus leaf rice.

Kung Fu lotus leaf was founded in 2015, due to the price close to the people, the dining environment is comfortable, thoughtful service, won the recognition of consumers, high repeat customers. Many investors see Kung Fu lotus rice are heart, want to join them. This shows how popular it is. If you also want to open a Kung Fu lotus rice shop, if you want to be more relaxed to get success, then do the first step in the business – to understand the details of the information to join it!

Kung Fu lotus rice to join the cost: store shop standard store flagship store

shop area of 60 square meters with 80 square meters and 100 square meters

investment costs 19 thousand and 800 yuan 29 thousand and 800 yuan 39 thousand and 800 yuan

rent costs 10 thousand and 800 yuan / month, 14 thousand and 400 yuan / month, 18 thousand yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters to 800 yuan / square meters to 900 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 30 thousand yuan 35 thousand yuan 40 thousand yuan

raw materials 15 thousand yuan 18 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan

advertising costs 6 thousand yuan 8 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan

opening costs 8 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan

staff wages 2000 yuan / month / person (5) $2000 / month / person (6) $2000 / month / person (7)

liquidity 60 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan

total investment costs 201 thousand and 600 yuan 271 thousand and 200 yuan 346 thousand and 800 yuan

investment costs to prefecture level cities, for example, in addition to the remaining costs of investment costs are estimated for reference purposes only.

Kung Fu lotus rice join conditions:

himself and his family are in good health and have passion and enthusiasm in this field;