dessert is one of the indispensable leisure food in people’s life, leisurely afternoon tea time, a cup of coffee with a dessert, that life can only use the two words to describe the comfortable. Here Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a strength to play the dessert to join the brand – sweet hut.

in healthy and delicious, sweet house service experience, family manual baking and European style garden as the core of the brand, with "baking the taste of happiness" Chinese beliefs, starting from the idea of caring, sharing the sweet life "into the product with emotion, with sincere service and smile, and share you bring happiness and sweet baked.

sweet wooden house has a variety of professional technology to create, and the headquarters of the various services provided by the professional is also unparalleled, so that you can make the future career partners more professional. Sweet dessert house home have professional training base, has a standard store for you to observe and practice, a senior technician for you teach system source technology and handmade chocolates and a full range of shops operating skills.

sweet wood headquarters to give franchisees professional planning program. Now whether it is to choose what kind of brand as their starting point for the cause of the late planning, naturally need more professional guidance. Join the sweet dessert house home, the company’s Planning Ministry of planning for your design, fully meet the actual needs of the store image, you only need to provide internal and external store size and positive picture, we will provide professional solutions for your decoration.


Bay cake dessert has become a popular trend of investment, cake dessert has become one of the favorite food. Therefore, the choice of investment dessert on the choice of sweet wooden house, sweet wood dessert shop has a high quality investment services, reliable cooperation and protection, more support for more advantages, is your business to get rich the best choice.