in many areas now have encouraged students for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become more and more popular, but the results are not the same. The latest survey found that the success rate of college students in Guangdong is only 1%, lower than the national average, together to see details.

12, jointly organized by the Employment Service Management Bureau of Guangdong Province, Southern China Agricultural University, the recruitment of "the employment of university students entrepreneurship lecture – employment bit" activities, deputy director of the provincial employment service Tang Shengzhang said, Guangdong entrepreneurial success rate is far lower than the national average of 2%, lower than the rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shanghai 4% the success of.

in the background to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, national, Guangdong province and Guangzhou City, has introduced a series of incentives and support initiatives, such as free rent, social security subsidies to commercial registration, enjoy quick and free service etc..

in accordance with the Guangdong innovation driven strategic planning, is expected to "13th Five-Year" at the end, Guangdong R & D investment will account for 2.8% of GDP, technical self-sufficiency rate will reach 78%, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship will become the inevitable choice under the new normal employment.

and success rate of 20%