ravioli, older people hear the word should have a strange feeling in my heart. As early as in the Republic of China, chaos is the most beautiful sound of the night in the streets. When families are familiar with the sound. A bowl of wonton sustenance is a generation of emotion. Exquisite wonton, zhayiting will make people think a little and dainty, but don’t see it is exquisite, in fact it is not a small, every one is full, and also very delicious yo ~ from its inception, it has been the reform of research and development, now has more than 30 kinds of stuffing wonton, there are more than 40 kinds of rice, fried rice, fine cold dish and other specialty products, but also some leisure drinks, tea and other collocation, really everything. It must be your choice to join investment.

exquisite wonton variety


is undoubtedly very exquisite wonton delicacy circles great invention, characteristics, characteristics of yanpi fillings deduce all taste ingredients, meat collocation, young and old, hot, nutritious, delicious wonton wonton wonton wonton more than 30 kinds of seafood…… Even if there is a Tastes differ all tastes., exquisite wonton can cater to customers discerning taste buds. More than 40 kinds of rice, fried rice, cover code boutique dish and other specialty products, and exquisite products, exquisite collocation porridge tea, pure cold drinks, successfully created a delicious, fashion, professional features, the "exquisite delicacy kingdom"! Very popular fast food franchise features exquisite wonton business, especially the lunch hour. So who is the most common phenomenon, thus, it is still by the majority of consumers.

exquisite wonton taste good health and safety to join


exquisite wonton taste, exquisite wonton based on food safety, is very important in the purchase of raw materials, all the meat from export quality, meat processing field for the base, or directly imported high-quality meat; all vegetables are pollution-free vegetables, make the wonton more flour are mellow; the big brand manufacturers of high quality flour, ensure smooth chewy wonton wrappers.

joined the exquisite wonton wonton? Linglong earnings:


gross margin: about 45%-55%

main meal profit: wonton, rice, etc. the dish cover code sales accounted for about 85%

of the total

food and beverage profit: Yupin sales accounted for about 15%

of the total

exquisite wonton wonton join? Linglong monthly return reference:

monthly sales: 2000 yuan / day *30 days =60000 yuan