entrepreneurial policy to go deep into the masses, so that people understand the preferential policies of entrepreneurship and innovation, to mobilize the enthusiasm of people to start a business. Therefore, human society Sangzi Town Service Center staff to carry out the "Sangzidian commercial street entrepreneurship policy sets up a" activities.

by hanging banners, layout policy, issuance of entrepreneurship policy paper to understand way, the latest preferential policies on entrepreneurship subsidies publicity to the surrounding masses, with real money in the truth of the masses of employment and entrepreneurship, has been welcomed by the masses.

entrepreneurial incentives for the promotion, including individual industrial and commercial households, Small and micro businesses (one-time start-up subsidies or subsidies, and post development) Tianqiao District students start to lead the special support fund subsidies etc..

in March this year, according to the superior departments of social work deployment, Sangzi town service center to "social entrepreneurship assistance households   policies to boost the people’s livelihood" as the theme, will launch a month long "business policy propaganda month" activities, to publicize Ji’nan business support policies, and effectively improve the masses the awareness, to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs are entitled to enjoy business support policies.

specific preferential policies for business card, do not want to promote the masses, I believe that more people do not know the entrepreneurship policies need to further promote entrepreneurship employment for people at the grass-roots level, in order to better.



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