network has brought unprecedented convenience, but also brought new challenges. The case of copyright infringement in Chuzhou’s Knight music network has caused people to think about the protection of intellectual property rights under the network environment.

mercenary, website copyright infringement

pornography leading group recently decided commendation Chuzhou "Knight music" copyright infringement case task force. The case 3 suspects were sentenced to copyright infringement.

Chuzhou "Knight music" copyright infringement is one of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry complaints, the national anti pornography office and other five departments to supervise the handling of the 2010 15 major cases of piracy. The relevant departments of our province, cooperate in coordination, which lasted nearly 3 months, successfully cracked the case of copyright infringement case. It is understood that the "Knight music" copyright infringement case, 3 defendants, Wang Zhongliang, Xia Yongqing, Mai Ling are "80", the "Knight music" founder Ling Mai college has been unemployed, Wang Zhongliang with college culture, individual operators, and Xia Yongqing is the university culture. A former Chuzhou city network Technology Co., Ltd. legal representative.

at the end of 2004, Mai Ling college in Hefei, learned music websites on the Internet popularity, large flow, good market prospects, it has created a music audition site the idea of making money myself. Subsequently, Li Ling was established after their own application for registration of (domain name homonym for "I am a knight music network"). By the end of 2005, the domain name registration company owned by temporarily closed, Mai Ling has cost 15 thousand yuan to buy the new domain name, while the site officially renamed the "Knight music", the latter with’s company returned to normal, two names while providing DNS resolution services for the site.

next to each year Mai Ling the price of about twenty thousand yuan to lease 3 servers for storing web data, and write the program with the download software, starting from the other music website to download the full version of a large number of original singing songs uploaded to your own server, and constantly updated later. At the same time, Mai Ling written website program, all music released to free for Internet users on the Internet website own audition. The website set up after Ling Mai to join all kinds of advertising, in the home page and play such a prominent position to put a lot of commercial advertising, earn commission browse through its Web site users click on ads.

La Fawang persist in wilfully and arbitrarily ignore the warning.

2005, Mai Ling received the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry by email to the infringement warning letter, asking them to remove unauthorized songs. First according to the requirements of the deletion of the Mai Ling part, but with the increase of the infringement warning letter listed the number of songs, they ignore the Mai Ling, will no longer be deleted, but continues to increase the infringing songs.