NPC vice chairman Zhou Guangzhao, economist Lang Xianping, marketing expert Milton Kotler, vice chairman of Nasdaq Michael Oxley, President of NOKIA China investment Zhao Kelin, Ma Zhihong, President of Greater China, Ericsson, Intel global VP Yang Syria, Analysys on Jan and iResearch president President Yang Weiqing…… This list is a list of Baidu in the recently held Baidu world conference.

      "the world" is a very interesting event. Because it is not fair, only to the client; nor is the product show, the user only to see it; a little more fuzzy, like a parade, a strength of the show, an enterprise should cry a future occasion.

      Baidu’s list of what? First, find a reference frame. Chinese companies do too much of the world, outside of Baidu, impressive only about Lenovo’s Lenovo World. At that time the general list of guests are: NPC vice chairman Zhou Guangzhao, Intel CTO, Microsoft, China president,, President of TI Asia,, Oracle VP.

      compare the two list, the two "world" to Zhou Guangzhao in the tech world of noble character and high prestige. In addition, the invitation to the person in charge of the 2-3 international well-known corporate vice president or China District, these are very similar; the difference is that Baidu also invited three belong to the investment community, economics and marketing circles.

      this may be a manifestation of the idea of Baidu: since the theme of the conference is one of the "internationalization", it is necessary to internationalize the capital, marketing, and even the most cattle people in the field of economics. So why are these people here?

      a very interesting article published in the United States published recently, the title is "Baidu light stocks prospects", said it was Nasdaq in the Dow and the S & P 500 index in the year second suffered a major setback, Baidu stock has inverse potential rose, Baidu’s growth and the bright future will bring benefits to the U.S. stock market. From this point of view is not surprising, vice chairman of Nasdaq to join Baidu. Because Nasdaq is Baidu’s blue chip enterprises need more. On the other hand, Oxley valued Baidu may be because: because of the strict "Sarbanes Oxley act" (commonly known as the 404, Oxley himself is one of the authors) last year, the world’s most important IPO to avoid Nasdaq. Baidu not only achieved amazing growth, but also successfully passed the regulations, Nasdaq may just need such a template".