Beijing time on November 18th evening news, according to foreign media reported today, Google AdWords enterprise product management director Nick · Fawkes (Nick Fox) said that Google will begin to accelerate the pace of permanent ban illegal advertising. This ban will not be aimed at the site, but for specific accounts.

in the past, Google is a violation of the specific site advertising AdWords ban. Now, if an advertiser is permanently blocked, their accounts and new accounts will be refused to participate in AdWords.

if an illegal advertisers are shielded, Google knows what the advertisers set up a new account? For this problem, Fawkes said Google will be monitored by many methods, but he did not disclose the specific way.

Fawkes said, with the beginning of October to accelerate the violation of illegal AdWords account initiatives compared to the presence of the two major differences: first, the ban is permanent; second, the communication process will be more transparent.

Google will begin to inform the offending advertisers that they have been permanently screened and will send them an email to explain the matter and to introduce the complaint procedure. Advertisers can reply to this email and start the complaint process. Every email will receive a response from Google.

Fawkes did not disclose the number of illegal advertisers banned Google, at least this is only a very small part of Google customers. Analysis of the industry, Google has accelerated the pace of blocking illegal advertisers, because there are more Internet fraud and spam.