October 28th, Baidu released as of September 30, 2011 unaudited third quarter earnings. Earnings data show that Baidu’s third quarter revenue of $4 billion 175 million, an increase of 85.1%, net profit of $1 billion 882 million, diluted earnings per share was $5.38, an increase of 79.8%. It is worth noting that, according to Baidu earnings report, the company lost 156 million 200 thousand yuan (about $24 million 500 thousand) through equity calculation, compared to last year was 153 million 400 thousand yuan (about $24 million 100 thousand). Baidu said the increase was mainly due to the loss of $23 million investment in the cause of the arts.

Baidu CEO Robin Li said in a conference call, odd art profit model is clear enough, do not worry about the odd Arts profit. "We didn’t invest enough in the past." Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe is also quite optimistic about the development of odd arts, and made it clear that the company will continue to invest in cash in the next quarter.


, Qiyi said, first of all, Qiyi original shareholders will continue to increase Qiyi investment, the relevant shareholder structure change information to Baidu announcement, secondly, Baidu investment in the Qiyi will Q3 into batches, $23 million, the future will continue to increase the investment of funds and resources specific to the Baidu announcement. For the total amount of the two round of financing, said the odd arts inconvenience revealed.

due to copyright and bandwidth to the capital requirements of the current network video has become the most "burn", but the growth potential and the largest market space industry. From this week, iResearch released the third quarter of 2011, the network economy core data, in August 2011 the Japanese China cover users in TOP20 website, Qiyi the annual growth rate of more than 250%, micro-blog Sina press, the Internet industry growth rate ranked second.

art CEO Gong Yu said in a recent interview, will increase investment in brand building, copyright reserves, technology research and development, CDN construction, etc.. It is understood that Qiyi recently launched the "Iqiyi free" brand advocates, invested 200 million yuan to start building the brand plan, and the official force independent broadcast copyright procurement and other initiatives, so many industry insiders speculated that Qiyi completed the two round of financing, the Baidu earnings announcement, will make the situation more clear.