in various complaints network or BBS, often see the users of online shopping goods businesses are deceived, hate to gnash unscrupulous businesses a lot of people, but also can do. One of my classmates have experienced this kind of thing, then want to alarm, but later learned that one of the procedures is quite troublesome, and the police didn’t take it seriously, or is that they are really incapable of action, you may do some online shopping will not even expect the police to help you catch the sinister business? At present, the local police station and complaint center received similar complaints too much light, display from 315 complaints website data, only the first half of 2010 the site had received 176573 complaints, 625 complaints can produce half the time.

said: the relevant departments to strengthen management, to eliminate the "bluff and deceive" unscrupulous sellers. At present, the "Interim Measures for the administration of online commodity trading and related services" have been decided on July 1st. In this shop real name system dispute, in favor of the real name system is mostly buyers. Against the shop name system are the seller, the seller said most of Taobao, shop name system after the implementation of the "measures", like the store as worried about the tax registration, pay business tax, will cause the business costs, shop goods prices will rise, thus losing the most popular online shopping commodity price advantage. Some sellers said that if there is no additional management fees, taxes and other policies. In fact, the real name system is still very welcome, we can see that the real name system is the fundamental argument that buyers need a safe trading network environment, the seller needs to support the development of e-commerce preferential policies. In this regard, the management of the measures, there is no clear provision?.

network trading platform providers should feel annoyed

shop real name system is always C2C (person to person) e-commerce mode, or that is tailored specifically for C2C, the largest domestic market share accounted for, C2C electronic market 80%, also need to face this problem, industry experts believe that the domestic C2C will face a comprehensive reshuffle. Tao spokesman recently announced that "we have been in the real name system of standardized management, not started from July 1st". He believes that the real name system for small scale network trading platform will have a certain impact, will bring greater workload. But before this, Taobao has been the first in accordance with the requirements of the real name system to regulate the operation.

Taobao, although it is said, but for a large platform, small platform worth mentioning, to some extent, will affect. The first is that the real name system method of Taobao, Taobao is generally through certified businesses to confirm the identity of the bank opened the bank card, there exist drawbacks, some businesses will not have an ulterior motive to take his own identity to open a bank account, this also causes the authenticity of personal data is greatly reduced, although it may be in the minority, and the true crime people do not take their exposure to information. So if you want to have substantive