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blue TMT September 29 Japanese: the development of electronic commerce China has been more than ten years of history, has now become a new form of economy, at present, Taobao, Tmall, vip.com and other Jingdong, as the representative of the electricity supplier platform has become an important position in people’s online shopping.

, however, the rapid development of the electricity supplier in the people to bring fast, convenient, but also inevitably added a lot of trouble, increasingly rampant and repeated brush problem is one of them.

CCTV and then exposed the scalping chaos

days ago, CCTV "Morning News" "network consumer trap" series of reports revealed a new brush single – Taobao SLR chaos merchants brush fraud. According to reports, Taobao at least hundreds of sellers cheated, but stand out rights and to the public security organs are scanty; because of money scalping practice itself is a violation of the provisions, and even less than the seller in the police investigation visits also might avoid, let people know.

in addition, the recent announcement of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Commerce and industry, has seized "silly push", "the whole point grab" and other 4 brush platform. The case involved a total amount of up to 120 million yuan, involving the hands of the brush, involving businesses of 1.86, involving Taobao, Tmall, mogujie.com and other electronic business platform. At present, these scalping cases have been closed, the Xihu District market supervision and administration to administrative penalties totaling 560 thousand yuan for the 4 brush single platform.

in fact, in recent years around the business platform of the single brush phenomenon already It is often seen. especially in the electric business, highly developed in jiangsu. This year CCTV 3· 15 party had exposed a platform of Taobao, public comment and a single brush phenomenon, brush in was exposed after it should have convergence, but until the end of March, CCTV reporter found a survey in Jiangsu, scalping is still very active.

electronic business platform brush phenomenon why repeated

many industry insiders said that the current electricity supplier in the platform brush behavior has been very common, although each business platform carrying a single brush against perennial banner, but still difficult to eradicate scalping chaos, transaction data part of the platform or serious water constituents.

so, why scalping is always repeated? Explore after it is not difficult to find the root of this chaos always can not escape the interests of drivers, now almost a single brush with the interests of the chain industry, the various stakeholders in the game.

1, low cost business brush, has become the industry unspoken rules

for businesses, a new shop in the electronic business platform to want to get a better position and recommended traffic, relying solely on the initial weak sales and the credibility of the establishment is not difficult to achieve. At the same time, the competition in the millions shop platform recommended limited circumstances, referral fees naturally rise, some businesses beyond the tolerance range.