renamed China ( September 28th hearing, the emergence of bitcoin driven a lot of virtual currency trading platform, plus part of the platform to support the virtual currency, bitcoin related domain name with fiery. Blockpay bitcoin payment platform for the previous period of the.COM domain name is a competitor to buy the point of view, the initial stage of the business, can not be omitted, or can not be saved, for example, the choice of domain names. see: not the province can not save

as the first domestic bitcoin cross-border payment platform, BlockPay in the choice of domain name, use the.NET suffix domain, and the domain name for sale page, offer only $3500. However, due to various reasons, BlockPay did not buy the domain name.

unexpectedly, the domain name was their rival Feng Hong Kong ( CEO Wang Dong to buy, and set the automatic jump Baidu search Feng Feng Hong Kong dollars to pay. Subsequently, BlockPay founder Xu Yiji issued a "open letter" to the coin Fenggang founder CEO Mr. Wang Dong in micro-blog, admitted that the team considered at the beginning of the business week, and said that communication with Wang Dong to double the price to buy the domain name is rejected.

after Wang Dong micro-blog reply, Yi Ji again issued on the open letter event last reply, referring to the event due to the domain name, the team is seriously considering the domain name and brand issues. According to Wang Dong micro-blog news, anonymous domain name to buy, has been sold at about 300000 yuan price, query whois information, has completed the transfer, the domain name is not accessible.

domain name is very important in the early days of choice, and once the opportunity to miss, and then to restore, the cost of paying will not only have the original price of $3500. At the same time, the dispute on the domain name of BlockPay, a bitcoin network launched a debate, how to choose a good bitcoin business domain name



still can not shake the position of the palace

BlockPay domain name dispute, can be said to be a domain name suffix dispute. Some people think that as long as the domain name with the company’s brand, catchy enough. However, from the user point of view, enter the domain name, then enter the.COM suffix is almost the first reaction. Therefore, most of the sites selected.Net/ suffix, is to have sufficient funds of unwillingness, in time, the acquisition of.COM domain name protection is almost inevitable. Otherwise, once fall into the hands of those who have been set up phishing sites, reputation damage to the site at the same time, users will also be deceived.