how profitable is the website? How many good ways to make money? What if I want to run a website and how to find a profit? What kind of Web site is suitable for me? I believe this problem is one of many website operators or interested in the website operation of friends concerned about the profit in some way below, I have learned to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you.

profit model: online advertising

the most common network of the most common online profit model, the country is doing better is Sina (, Sohu (, NetEase ( and other portals (including industry portal). Most personal website profit model is also used in this way, by hanging other people’s advertising to survive.

emerging online short video sites, through the video before and after waiting for the time to play the main advertising online advertising. Typical example:

foreign YouTube (

domestic 56 (, potatoes (, ( and other

two: profit pattern, SMS, MMS customized ringing tone download electronic magazine subscription and other value-added telecom

One of the most profitable network profit model

, almost every entry into the global top 100 thousand commercial websites and personal website in SP to obtain economic returns, due to the current sp by China Mobile and other operators, some of the decline in profitability, the gravity model the market capitalization of listed companies are shrinking. Typical example:

air network (

3G portal (

website profit model three: Sales of products through the website

A. through the site to sell other people’s products (C2C and B2C mode)

typical example:

Taobao (, (eBay) C2C online auction, commission from successful transactions.

Excellence (, Dangdang (, B2C flowers usually B2C online retail is about two kinds of operation methods, one is your own products, sales through the Internet; another is to build an online retail platform, let more merchants to sell their products through this platform.

watercress network (w>)