we see the network popular language on the TV screen, like a raging fire in the television media advertising business also carousel. When the business owners to see these changes, it is necessary to look at ourselves, our advertising marketing thinking, whether to keep up with the trend of the times. In the face of consumer interests, habits and other changes, what kind of marketing behavior, in order to seize their hearts Liu Yuhan today from four aspects to discuss with you: the new media era, advertising marketing thinking how to adjust?

first, the reform of media expression

The spread of

does not rigidly adhere to the traditional form, it is the primary criterion for propagation behavior in the new media era. TV ads, newspaper ads, building advertising, advertising, advertising platform, these forms of advertising to consumers for having heard it many times, the attraction has been greatly weakened. Only the "watch" to create new styles, gather the vision. As shown below, this is a marvel comics company for its "ant man" masterpiece, the marketing activities. In the "ant" the upcoming period, suddenly in Australia many city, there are a mini version of the bulletin, like ants in the cave up the bulletin board, it is from the meaning of the works of ant man. The suction eye is A+.


two, cross-border marketing

when the spread of creative ideas, it is better to think about other people’s troubles. If you have a way to help solve other people’s problems, the use of other people’s communication resources, may bring greater gains for the brand. Is also a good way to divergent thinking. For example, the following case, Lego is doing a Science Lecture: how to deal with burglary theft. Lego chose to cooperate with the police, took a series of Lego style lectures, entertaining, both to convey the brand concept and social responsibility, and make the marketing behavior not to cause mass boredom. Cross border marketing thinking, is a subject of the main marketing of the future.


three, do not try to challenge the bottom line of the public

although the new media to marketers too much imagination and feasible space, but definitely can not touch the bottom line of the public. Remember Lily network forced advertising? Lily network intention so that we feel the parents desire for children to marry, the intention to "wake up" single men and women in the family. But they never thought, guide this deep emotion, but angered the single men and women, they put this guide as a "moral kidnapping". In fact, from another perspective, this is television advertising emotion introduction is successful, otherwise it is ignored and not ending rallied and attack. But it’s gone.


four, the brand needs to be careful to deal with customer sentiment

under the influence of the new media, the brand needs to be more "tall", "warm"". "Warm" refers to the brand side of the service content, to warm the people; Meng refers to the brand in the new media biography >