[Abstract] any millet and other agricultural products are used to endorse the celebrity effect, through the network to tell stories and sales.


text / Li Likai (WeChat public number: a chestnut)

when Ren Zhiqiang heard to go to Tmall to sell millet, many people first reaction is, why did he want to sell the phone?. But in order to sell the phone is very close to the way to sell millet.

so what is the specialty of millet sell Renzhijiang behind the story is that any millet is a water-saving agricultural products, the use of drip irrigation technology to replace the need for more water corn. Ren Zhiqiang is the president of the association of Alashan SEE ecology, one of its public goods is derived from the desert millet.


first launched last year, mainly through domestic entrepreneurs and desert millet I bought the food network sales, but this year the desert Millet Yield far more than last year, Ren Zhiqiang went to have greater channel capacity, buy more users of Tmall.

Is that the

story?. As the middle class consumer groups increased, and improve the ability to further enhance the quality demand of agricultural products, as millet, pan Chu orange, apple and other brands will be more and more, and with fresh industry chain Tmall, I bought net electricity supplier has more and more strong ability to control, agricultural products such as what to tell the story, the choice of what kind of "first", will be an important channel of mobile phone like.

agricultural products like mobile phones more and more

has recently become more and more popular with celebrities such as Ren Zhiqiang’s product mix, as millet, Zhu Shijian Chu orange, Pan Zhiqiang pan apples, um, Luo Yonghao and Luo hammer.

China agricultural products have characteristics of good quality and low price ", Shandong, Dalian and other agricultural products in many high-end exports, in the domestic sales are relatively poor. It is also simple, the current domestic brand awareness of agricultural products is relatively weak, even if someone is willing to pay for quality, but also the lack of channels to allow users to quickly docking products.

millet, Chu orange, apple even pan Zhao Wei wine, came into being. The common feature of these brands is that the use of celebrity endorsements and endorsements for a certain agricultural products, through the network to tell stories and sales of agricultural products. After a period of accumulation on the line, before the reverse into the line channels.

like millet mobile phone in the mobile phone industry turned out, the brand of agricultural products will soon enter the line of sight of people, and the different needs. Chu orange conveys the "inspirational" concept by Zhu Shijian, as millet transmission concept of ecological protection, Pan Shiyi only for the hometown apple quality endorsement.

this brand concept of packaging with Japan "one village one product" benefits have different approaches but equally satisfactory results of agricultural products in 1979, Japan began intensive production, to create the concept of "one village one product", was later extended to "one county one" and ">