this article for the collation of the eight key points of the analysis of the competitors website, I hope to engage in the promotion of the site planning to help friends. The art of war in the enemy ", the battle" is an important strategy, so how to analyze competitor’s website? When do the work, to find the focus of analysis in place, avoid analysis of large, but can not find the key, more about the visit to Here are some of the key points in the analysis of competitors’ websites.

first, determine which website is your competitor

who is my friend, who is our enemy, this is our analysis of the primary task of the site. Oh, seriously, in this era of cooperation, no enterprise is our real competitors, as Ma Yun said: "the hearts of invincible, matchless", do our own business, the industry is on the same starting line best friend. That is, the theme of this article is to analyze competitors, then we start. Through the site’s visibility and search engines, select a representative of several web site analysis, we should pay attention to who is your real competitors, who may be your strategic partner.

second, analysis of the location of the site

competitors site positioning is what, who is the target customers, these should be based on the specific site analysis, the location of a site to determine the success or failure of the site. Analyze the differences between the website and the website.

third, analysis of the operating mode of the website

What is the profit pattern of

? Is the use of membership or the use of offline activities and magazines, advertising, or by what other form? What are the differences between website products? Site membership fees and free membership, how much is the membership fee? From the point of analysis.

fourth, analysis of the site of the

blue ocean is actually a red sea, not to mention the difference to you, but how many people do? No one else to do, for an innovative product to market and how many people can accept? This is the site sponsor should consider the issue. Each site is reflected in their own personality, improve their services, technical, conceptual, product innovation in our analysis.

fifth, analysis of site traffic

even if we fail to get the exact data of the website, but a potentially rival website data, such as an article of visits, in different locations of the blog visits some indirect data, we can understand the traffic to a website, which can also be included in the analysis report within us.

sixth, analysis of the content of the website form

analysis of the site’s columns and content, the source of the content is original or reproduced, the focus of the article where the other party is a large and full web site?