11 is what day? Since, for many young people because the date of the day there are four consecutive "1" of the reason, so was designated as "singles day". But from the beginning of a few years ago, with the development of e-commerce, online businesses will use this day to carry out large-scale discount promotions, which will become the so-called shopping carnival. It can be said that the 11 Online Shopping Festival is a number of online businesses, especially Ali Department of Taobao, Tmall created a holiday. Well, this year’s double 11 has passed. A lot of people just from last month’s online shopping Carnival calm down, the network of 12 ad to the overwhelming. So double 12, how is it going to be? Baidu encyclopedia gives the interpretation of the double 12 is Taobao for this special day in December 12th and a promotional activity".

after several years of development, Taobao, double 11 and double 12 in addition to Ali, Tmall, suning.com and other Jingdong such as electric mall, easy fast network, Amazon, vip.com, China dangdang.com and so on are involved. Many people may wonder why they should focus on these two days, and only a month difference. Here we have to answer one by one, because of the double 11 and double 12 crazy discount promotions was first proposed by Taobao, Tmall and other electricity providers back only in order to not let Ali electricity supplier Carnival following acts taken alone, so the answer for Ali platform. The first has been mentioned in the eyes of young people is double 11 "singles day" and "singles day" is the campus culture representative products. With a group of students bid farewell to the campus, "singles day" atmosphere gradually diffuse to the community, and this batch of students into the community is the main force of the current online shopping, Ali is the value of "singles day" crowd and the electricity supplier’s target population is highly consistent, there are people in special holidays or some special day will want to treat your own psychological, will double to 11 online shopping Shopping Festival, organize a large number of businesses discount promotions. 11 double answer finished, those 12? Or will you answer from Ali, now China e-commerce market, whether it is B2B or B2C, or C2C, Ali’s market share are undoubtedly the top spot, and second way ahead. Double 11 promotional activities, in the face of this flow feast, all sellers want to share a cup, who do not want to fall. But now Taobao, Tmall, the size of the number of sellers can be used to describe the mass, the opposite of limited promotional resources, all sellers are on-line activities, while Taobao, Tmall’s support is impossible. Therefore, the actual situation is that only those who have strong strength of the big sellers in order to get the official support of 11. So good, 11 are big sellers world, but Taobao, Tmall platform, the maximum number of medium and small sellers do? Let Matthew development in Taobao, Tmall platform, the strong stronger, the weak weaker? The answer is certainly not the management of Taobao, Tmall can not stupid. So, double 12 came. Plainly, double 12 is to give Taobao >