[TechWeb] reported on December 2nd news, Baidu released 2012 annual Search Ranking (http://s.hot.baidu.com/), over the same period, the theme of "ten years of extraordinary music era" of the 2012 Baidu and Baidu music point ten years celebration activities will also be on the evening of December 2nd in the MasterCard center M space opened, released 2012 "ten hits" and Baidu music singer list for ten years.


as the first Chinese Internet entrance, covering more than 95% Internet users, the average response of billions of search requests, Baidu Search Ranking is in 2012 Chinese of all Internet users in the search behavior of Baidu as the basis, no expert judges, not for online voting, all Internet users use Baidu search keywords on the search volume statistics come.

Baidu teamed up again in the most powerful public opinion research institutions: the Renmin University of China Institute of public opinion, the 21 annual list of the real show 2012 Chinese Internet users search behavior based on the reality of social development, combined with the current China depth interpretation, the China people come immediately to the people’s livelihood, economy, social expectation, social responsibility and environment ecological security, public safety, health and safety and a series of attention index, focus on the 2012 China netizens fervent attention to realistic problems, Chinese for future social development provide a very important reference from public opinion.

list of all the words are representative of the spiritual needs and behavior characteristics of 2012 China users the most real and objective, the outline of the picture of a pair of rich fields covering social economic and cultural life. In a sense, it can be said that Baidu search list has become an important indicator of China’s social changes reflect the social and public opinion.

2012 Network Governance: Entertainment pushy anti-corruption officials and the public interaction speed

Internet has become a way of social life, civil society is becoming more and more mature, 2012 is destined to become a network of anti-corruption has a symbolic significance of the year. From the thin king of the "big man" have to fall, cousin, uncle, grandfather, the real car real aunt, Lei Guanxi etc. have fallen, both the central determination to punish corruption, and Internet users use social media participation, corruption has become the main tone in 2012.

a network of corruption began using social media such as network communication platform, with the explosive Mengliao let public opinion space a moment, and quickly turned into a public emergency. From my cousin, uncle, uncle house, car ye, room aunt to Lei Guanxi, this was a corrupt official web users posted the catchy labels, also let a have serious anti-corruption events showing the trend of entertainment, entertainment to users of the anti-corruption anti-corruption enthusiasm, especially Lei Masatomi pornographic after exposure, which is a series of mediachance constantly seen in the network, is a spoof of sarcastic Lei Zheng >