I dark horse news Zhou Luping December 19th news today, the car after the market B2B trading platform hi steam cat announced the cessation of operations. Web site (www.xiqimall.com) will stop trading on December 20, 2015, the server will close on January 15, 2016.

is reported that hi steam cat was founded in March 2015, founder of Xu Chao. According to its official disclosure of information, hi cat has 12377 registered users of real name authentication, 179 upstream suppliers, the use of ETP service stores more than 7 thousand. Xu Chao told I dark horse, hi cat initially do car products trading platform of the third party, direct docking brand manufacturers and stores, and then began to self, to repair shop car repair shop. The peak period of more than 100 employees, now only about five or six people, ready to start a new round of entrepreneurial projects.

Xu Chao, founder of the analysis, the cause of hi cat failure is: one is not enough to play directly. SaaS cut around the car after B2B too far. "In the process of operation we find it difficult for SaaS users into B2B users, we seem to be involved in the core business process of the user, actually stores using your management software, and there is no direct relationship between the purchase from your platform.".

two is the wrong direction. Xu Chao’s team at the beginning of the car to make a matching trading platform, so that manufacturers directly to the store. In Xu Chao’s opinion, what standard category should be directly toC, "the first step is to choose the wrong direction, we have to get rid of."

three is not tied to one end. After the auto supplies stopped, Xu Chao set up a proprietary platform. Sales of original accessories, SKU less, but later found simply cut into the product, it is difficult to get promoted. In the professional degree and scale of the choice once made the Xu Chao conundrum, Xu Chao even believe that the supply of spare parts is a "pseudo pain point", can not be firmly tied to the repair shop, and the relative concentration of basic and upstream parts, some of the larger companies, no mature sales channels and it is difficult to move, "B2B the ends are in full uncertain state".

on the trading platform to stop the operation of hi cat cat B2B trading platform announcement

dear dear cat cat platform users, product suppliers: we have to be in such a cold winter, announced that hi cat platform to stop operating.

1, hi steam cat B2B website (www.xiqimall.com) will stop trading online in December 20, 2015. Web server will close on January 15, 2016.

2, ETP software (automotive service store ERP+CRM system) will no longer provide program update services, existing functions in addition to "customer management" in the SMS module, other functions can be permanently free of charge.

3, hi steam cat platform user account balance and dealer accounts payable will be in