November 18th morning news, the third world Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen on the 16. This morning’s Internet entrepreneur forum, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li delivered a speech.

According to Robin Li

, Chinese Liushiduowanyi GDP there are one hundred thousand billion and motor vehicles, unmanned vehicle is the application of artificial intelligence in the field of influential direction of automobile. Yesterday, Robin Li tried before the Wuzhen has more than one hundred guests tried to take the Baidu driverless cars. Prior to Baidu also conducted a pilot, artificially arranged personnel suddenly rushed to the middle of the road from the roadside stop driverless cars. After the discussion, please write unmanned vehicle code of the engineers personally stopped the car, unmanned vehicles finally passed the experiment.

of course, the impact of artificial intelligence is far more than the one hundred thousand billion, it can affect all aspects of society. "Today’s artificial intelligence has developed a range of technologies that will be used in many fields." Robin Li mentioned.

The ability of

artificial intelligence including cloud recognition, image recognition, natural language understanding, user image recognition ability, speech recognition ability, Robin Li said, the current image recognition ability in rapid access stage now.

in addition, Robin Li thought the whole innovation is also the focus of metastasis, especially Trump after the election, many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs worry about innovation ability of the United States this harm, recently there is a consultant publicly Tucao Silicon Valley CEO has three out of the four Asian immigrants, Robin Li also hope that these people are immigrants to Chinese, let Chinese play a more important role in the global innovation stage. (Tan Xiaohan)

is the following Robin Li speech:

has been in Wuzhen for third days, and the fourth stage, the whole great harvest, US and China Southern Airlines signed a strategic cooperation agreement, it is more important for us and China Southern Airlines chairman yesterday to exchange gifts, I gave him a driverless car, he gave me an Airbus 380, so it could be made. I try to take the unmanned vehicle yesterday, before this I have seen a more than and 100 to Wuzhen guests the chance to try Baidu unmanned vehicle, I Tucao why I am not in the circle of friends inside the first try a Baidu unmanned vehicle, the results of this message to the public number inside a day out of a one hundred thousand + I went to yesterday, yesterday, in the rain, unmanned vehicles a year ago we also have a show in Wuzhen, but it was static, today we can run up in the open road, the road can have a bicycle electric bicycle pedestrian has a variety of situations, and retrograde, in order to give them yesterday I’m a little challenge, that is to arrange a few people, suddenly from the roadside rushed to the middle of the road stopped a driverless car, but did not do such a thing, you will feel a little wind Insurance. Later, we talked about it for a long time, and we did so, and the engineers who wrote the code for the driverless car stopped the car. But it’s still safe, no problem. Our driverless car passed the experiment.