lead: 2005, to participate in our activities in southern California, the most dazzling star is Robin Li, and is in the United States with IBM business PC Yang Yuanqing.

Sophia Liu study, work and live in Silicon Valley for 20 years. She is the founder of the Ivy League Business Research Institute and chief executive, is the United States certified business consultant, 10 years ago, she served as the vice president of Woodside Capital Partners investment bank, the company responsible for the financing, mergers and acquisitions, mergers and expansion of business capital, the annual salary has reached 6 the number of dollars.

after she left the company, was founded in Silicon Valley in the near Huayuan Technology Association (HYSTA), executive director. Her tenure, Silicon Valley Huayuan association from small Chinese Association of an unknown to the public, promote and extend to mainland Chinese students in the United States the most authoritative, professional and business associations.

2005, she as the main person in charge, organized by the Huayuan Association of the first session of the Sino US IT summit summit, attended the blockbuster U.S. entrepreneurs reached more than and 100 people. In 2006, Huayuan Association annual meeting by ABC international news video media reports. And it is this meeting, successfully contributed to the famous Alibaba (Alibaba) mergers and acquisitions YAHOO China’s $1 billion deal.


is currently committed to the Silicon Valley Sophia entrepreneurs, she founded the entrepreneurial butterfly is the first American founded by the Chinese, female entrepreneurs to provide online and offline service education platform. The platform for the characteristics of female entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to provide personalized 1 pairs of online counseling, three months of entrepreneurship courses to learn, as well as summer intensive courses, such as the choice of two weeks, such as.

below is Ms. Sophia oral finishing:

the current entrepreneurial community there is such a problem, referring to entrepreneurs, people appear in the minds of 99% of the male image, it seems more like a male professional. The creation of entrepreneurial butterfly, is to change such a situation, focused on female entrepreneurs to develop and support. In fact, women entrepreneurs have their unique conditions.

I started my own business in 2005. I was standing at the crossroads of life face a choice: to continue to do big company engineers, with six digit secure well paid work; or another way to make your life more meaningful? Finally, I decided to apply to Huayuan science and Technology Association, a non-profit organization to do community service, without any benefits of next, with playing college summer work wages, the non-profit organizations become the first and only one full-time staff.

who says "to take risks" is a man’s privilege? What kind of sense of mission do I make such a difference?