As one of the first laboratory

Discuz! Product within a post polymerization plug-in, the introduction of new posts in the mixed map and text reading mode, not only reduces the workload of website editor, and let the post "special" and "accurate" information gathering, to the community of users to bring extraordinary experience of reading.

Prior to

, community editors made slow, complex process. For example, a local website, the website editors need to make "review" or "thematic content of the news of the day, need to focus on editing a series of Web site, and then one editing, arrangement, instructions, all sorts of hard making activity review post is also vivid enough.

plug-in through the post polymerization in the editor can conveniently will related posts by push together, improve work efficiency, show the polymerization of a post in the form of illustrations, very attractive to users.


figure: in the post polymerization plug-in

post polymerization plug-in on-line has more than 5000 sites used by the relevant function, through the website to create a post polymerization plug-in hot news tracking, tourism activities aggregation, recommendation, secondary transactions, business focus, delicacy competition and other thematic content rich and colorful, greatly improving the website operation effect, improve the efficiency of editing improve the site traffic.

Since the introduction of

polymerization polymerization plug-in, but also get some positive feedback. Yantai forum from the Dragon King said: every day the site will be used to edit the aggregation of some activities to get good results. We through the post polymerization function once organized a business discount information collection activities, activities in the propaganda of the contracted merchants also allows users to easily find bargains, increase website traffic and user loyalty for the website." Yantai forum as one of the well-known local community, has passed the post polymerization plug-in organized over 40 times more than the range of activities, including group purchase tickets, integral auction, line showings, goods show, decoration competition and rich and colorful online and offline activities.


forum is the first post polymerization in the plug-in to use the site, the forum operators responsible Yang said: "the post polymerization function in topic aggregation, review post polymerization, etc. study topic is very very convenient, reduce the burden of work we edit."

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Discuz! Discuz laboratory is an important place of product R & D team! New features, new plug-ins, together with all about the community of whimsy and creative spark, the adventurous spirit of the webmaster friends can experience Discuz in one! Experimental product prototype, and directly to the development of their engineers and product managers to provide feedback.