August 17th hearing, it is learned that the recent open into the line of sight of the.Xxx domain name does not seem smooth. According to friends revealed that in the Google toolbar search.Xxx domain name, and can not directly enter the domain name page, but after entering a search screen.Xxx.

verified by the author, enter the domain name.Xxx in the search bar, Google came out with a.Xxx domain name after the search results.


.Xxx domain name from the application, to the approval, to open, after 7 years of time, filled with controversy which has been. It is understood that after the approval of the.Xxx domain name, the India government and the government of Kenya has said it will prohibit the resolution of.Xxx domain name. .xxx domain name is equivalent to the establishment of a legitimate network on the red light district, although there is a difference between the role, but for those who are not strong, or curious people,.Xxx is a sign of a bright road. Unexpectedly, not only anti pornography opponents,.Xxx domain name has been part of porn opposition, they said, a special domain name may be interfering with the freedom of speech of the beginning, the future of the United States government or other institutions may intervene in their content.


is reported that Google toolbar is currently not supported by other new top-level domain search, which is a new top-level domain name is not a small blow. The new top-level domain name is still a long way to go, especially online Red Light District Adult domain name.Xxx is particularly difficult, after all, is not popular in many countries.