source: I dark horse


six rooms decided to all human companies turn to the 9158 mode; cool six nets will be launched to make money 9158 business model… Those who are still living in the small and medium sized video site turned 9158 mode." What is the 9158 mode? An online club platform provider, then a virtual online show subcontracted to a contractor ""…

"in addition to Tencent, Sohu, Iqiyi, Youku potatoes and other first-line video sites, those who were still living in small video website to 9158 mode." What is the 9158 model? Is the second largest Internet Co in Hangzhou. A group of beautiful female anchor through singing, dancing, selling Meng, flirting and other ways to set up a video chat room. In order to get a woman’s heart, the audience ho throw daughter virtual gifts, female anchor from 9158 into 75%, can be divided into 20%. 10 thousand female anchor average monthly income of four thousand or five thousand yuan, in 2012 revenue of 1 billion in!


to see the situation told I horse an amazing situation: in the middle of 2012, initially tasted the sweetness of the 9158 mode of video website six rooms founder Liu Yan, decided to stop the other business, all of the company’s manpower to 9158 mode. The second month gains 2000-3000 million in revenue, and by the end of 2012 has soared to 5000-6000 million monthly revenue.

it’s too much for Liu Yan.

in 2008, due to the financial crisis, the video website industry are considered to have no future, Liu Yan run out of ammunition and food supplies office filled with creditors. Liu Yanyi, deputy A dead mouse feels no cold look: "you want money, I can understand, I have the money I gave you". Liu Yan was how to get out of the predicament, see the six rooms: the blood of the industry can not melt into the capital.

the power of example is infinite.

recently the investment bank circle circle and the Internet people are talking about Zhejiang which is only second to 9158 of the Internet Co Alibaba, which rely on Online Club mode, 2012 revenue of nearly 1 billion yuan, it is a myth. The six rooms in online mode nightclub up a way to make those hard to seek a way out of the small video website to see the dawn.

I horse learned, popcorn net announced in April 2012 a comprehensive transformation of online show mode, has now started operation. A insiders also revealed that the six video website will launch the 9158 business model can make money. 2013, China’s online nightclub market will reach billions of dollars.

small video site turned to online nightclub mode is inevitable, because the online video advertising model, the cost is too high. Long video only