technology news Beijing time on November 5th morning news, Chinese car site car home today to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a listing application, plans to the United States IPO (IPO), financing up to $120 million.

car home plans to visit the NYSE, ticker symbol ATHM". Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs will act as underwriters for the IPO. The car home plans to use the proceeds for technology and product development, and marketing activities.

The application documents listed in the

display, as of 9 months ago in September 30th this year, car home revenues of 830 million 600 thousand yuan ($108 million 800 thousand), growth of 63% over the same period last year of 510 million 800 thousand yuan; a net profit of 333 million 500 thousand yuan ($54 million 600 thousand), growth of 97% over the same period last year of 169 million 600 thousand yuan.

Australian telecom operator Telstra (Telstra) is the largest shareholder of the car family. Australian telecommunications company in the document submitted to the regulatory authorities disclosed that it has been held in the near future car home shares increased from 66% to 71.5%.

car home was founded in June 2005. In June 27, 2008, Telstra announced the acquisition of (including car home) and Chen Hao ( United Business Media under each of the 55% shares).

The content of the website of

car home has editorial original already, also have the content such as the user’s comment, article, picture and video. It provides users with automotive information to provide advertising, marketing and ordering services to automotive manufacturers.

nearly 2 months since, already, montage technology 58 city, where three Chinese technology companies successfully listed in the United states. Another 500 lottery network, jiubang digital 3G portal parent company) the two companies IPO submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (IPO) file, to prepare the United States market. (Yan Fei)