with the development of e-commerce shopping mode Chinese matures more and more consumers recognized online shopping this convenient and affordable, according to the relevant statistics of the number of online shopping users has reached 96 million 200 thousand people, the annual growth rate of 60%. But because of the regulatory mechanism is not mature, domestic electronic shopping website has all kinds of consumers, a little inattentive dragons and fishes jumbled together, may be to buy fake and shoddy products, then how to buy cheap goods and genuine goods at a fair price, in addition to the consumers themselves to grasp the network shopping experience made a fire Venus, and circle of friends shopping experience it is also very necessary.

according to the authoritative statistical analysis Analysys International report pointed out that in 2012 is expected to Chinese online retail market will reach 713 billion, according to estimates Chinese optimistic about the total retail sales of social consumer goods, the online retail market occupy the whole market scale will reach 3.5%. Along with the network consumer market continues to increase, is an opportunity and a challenge for many domestic e-commerce shopping website, if you can in the fierce competition of talent shows itself in the same industry, the author believes that the website product brand and price is the magic weapon to win e-commerce shopping website.

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network general manager Li Linbin introduced pull pull pull pull, network (www.kouclo.com) was established in May 2009, founded by Walter saki company, many e-commerce professionals involved in construction, has built its own shopping platform, is one of the most professional sports brand online shopping platform at present. Because wo Qi group is doing its own international trade relations, with many international well-known sports brand has a good cooperation, so the site supply channels is very good, than the average price of the store is much cheaper, the company’s business philosophy: authentic shoes, cheap copy.

cut network and domestic famous authentic sports brand Sheng Dao sports goods company is a business cooperation mode, they will be the low-cost supply cut a series of goods, more love sports brand of friends may see the site’s style is completely with the store synchronization, some even earlier than the store style listed. For example, the president of Puma Chinese website and also signed a licensing agreement, Puma shoes are many R & D design! And the Walker brand is the group’s own sports brand Wo Qi, UGG is a famous British fashion brand, but its UGG boots completely by Qi Wo Group R & D, and the patent right the other is in their hands, many users lamented to buy genuine UGG boots in the country, are in fact Wo Qi group in the production, only one domestic entity UGG counters: blue harbor is wo Qi group in delivery.


network has a good pull pull a hand supply channels, has the congenital advantage richly endowed by nature in terms of price, plus the website and in the promotion period, so the price can be said to have profit to the bottom, because the site is equipped with perfect service such as customer service, to support the country’s more than and 800 City cash on delivery, 7 days. Small > 24