has always been a friend asked me about the domain name thing. I shallow analysis about the enterprise website or personal website domain name problem. The domain name is just like a person’s identity card, he is unique, but more like a person’s name. Short enough, is the primary factor in choosing a domain name registration. Just like the domain name www.cctv.com, a look is known to be CCTV CCTV domain name. Http://s.1000islandlake.com/ this domain name is estimated to be able to remember, so long, in fact, he is the official website of Qiandao Lake. In fact, when he was in their own propaganda, so long as the old woman address, the bindings are too long. Here I do not mean to belittle Qiandao Lake. Just to illustrate the key to the domain name, a good domain name can be achieved with half the effort.

is known to all.Com domain name resources have been controlled by the United States, which can not blame others, who let the computer and the birthplace of the network where. Many countries would like to share this resource, so that the domain name authority to make each country has a suffix domain name. For example, China’s mainland.Cn.Us Taiwan.Tw, etc.. It is said that the Pacific island of Tuvalu to the country on the Internet domain name ".TV", sold to a Internet Co for $50 million, the price is 3 times more than the country’s gdp. It can be seen that the economic price of domain name is huge. China’s.Cn domain price fell to 1 yuan a, greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of Internet users to register.Cn domain name, once breath Hao note dozens of.Cn domain names, exciting. Currently.Cn domain name registration has become the world’s second.

so as an enterprise or engage in domain name players, how to choose the domain name registration.

, a short enough is preferred

in the domain name registration, the first choice is to see what you are engaged in the industry. If you are advertising company, www.guanggao.com is the first choice, of course this kind of scarce domain name has already been registered, many domain name speculation game player, hand to retain a large number of industries, for enterprises to purchase. I have a few years ago to help companies recover a domain name, wood www.mudiao.com was the price of 3600 yuan to buy back, after the end of the domain name actually someone is willing to have a 200 thousand recovery in. It is important to see how important domain names. Choose this kind of domain name as the domain name of the website, that is easier to be Internet users, and the symbol of the strength of enterprises. Not long ago, there was a domain name auction in Hangzhou, which is the name of the www.waipojia.cpm grandmother home to well-known food and beverage grandmother to buy 180 thousand, in fact, when registered, only a few dozen yuan, and now more than a thousand times.

domain name registration is in accordance with international practice, the principle of first come injection, the google.cn domain name has been registered in Google, through the Ministry of Commerce has not been able to get back to the arbitration of this domain "