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is not optimistic about the advertising situation, the video site is still not easy to reduce revenue targets. Yesterday, the video site Youku CEO Victor Koo revealed for the first time the scale of the company’s revenue to the outside world, "now the company has a monthly income of over ten million." Gu Yongqiang said Youku is also the first initiative to publish the status of revenue video sites, shows the current status of the development of this new format.

since 2007, the domestic video site has gone through hundreds of homes to only three or four of the brutal elimination process, and survivors are now starting to solve the problem of advertising revenue growth. According to Gu Yongqiang said, Youku began the advertising business from the beginning of 2008, "in 15 months from zero income do a monthly income of over million." Koo has always insisted that the 2008 is the first year of the new media video website advertising, and 2009 is the video site revenue began to scale a year, now tens of millions of monthly income, this year on behalf of our annual income of billions of dollars of target has no problem what."

it is understood that at present want to advertise in the video site is still IT, communication, network game, automotive and other industries advertisers, according to Gu Yongqiang introduction, in 2009, some medicine, food and beverage brands have begun to try to put on the video website, "the combination of online video, TV and movie to do promotion." Therefore, Koo said the judge, whether from the revenue perspective, or from a wide range of customers, video website advertising has begun to sound development.

in order to impress more advertisers, the video industry is also innovative different advertising marketing. It is understood that youku.com will launch interactive live video broadcast mode, to support the NOKIA 5800 fun party "concert, in this mode, the user can not only select the star live concert, also can sing songs and singers and do interactive video chat. Gu Yongqiang said that this is just the beginning of NOKIA to support interactive marketing, with the arrival of the 3G era, the two sides will also seek more opportunities for cooperation.