WeChat public platform announced yesterday that it will rectify some businesses within the circle of friends through the chain to induce sharing, the behavior of induced attention.

notice that if the merchant first violation, will be the title for 30 days, and delete link intercept induced increase of the fans, shut down the flow of main punishment; if the second businesses have been found illegal, the public will be permanent title. What is the induction of sharing, induced attention? WeChat explained that by sharing and induced attention refers to businesses to send rumors, pornography, test, quiz and other content, induce other users to share to friends or pay attention to businesses and the public number, the user can see the share or attention or the contents of the answer.

industry believes that WeChat’s move will help purify the circle of friends WeChat ecosystem. WeChat is currently in the public number, there are a lot of fake company public, specializing in advertising and marketing and Internet fraud, the public number by inducing users to share or interest, to induce the user to enter personal information in the game, fortune telling, a threat to the safety of personal information.