July 13th, according to industry sources, the well-known Xicihutong community website (xici.net) of the same name Pinyin domain name xici.com, is $50 thousand acquisition of buyers. Dig shellfish network linked to the domain name broker Wang Quanfeng, he confirmed the price of the transaction, saying that due to the confidentiality of the terms of the buyer to disclose more information.

in 2006, Xicihutong belongs to the unit of elong said the company has is the rightful owner of xici.net, xici.cn, xici.com.cn 47 domain name, and has been to the State Trademark Bureau for the "West Temple" 53 of registered trademark, and has the national trademark administration issued the "West Temple", "Xicihutong" 10 trademark certificate.

last year, Xicihutong had hoped to help the arbitration means won the xici.com domain name, Yizhisuzhuangjiang the original owner of the domain name to sue the adndrc. In early January this year, the adndrc, demanding the transfer of "xici.com" which is a domain name for yourself.

Xicihutong xici.net was founded in 1998, more than and 10 years, the company has not made for the.Com domain name and distress. After investigation, the xici.com domain name registration time is February 15, 1999. The arbitration agency finds that xici.net has very high visibility, therefore does not endorse the request for arbitration commission xici.net.

analysts said, is likely to be aware of the value of the domain name xici.com xici.net, instead of by means of the market to buy the domain name.

it is unclear whether the buyers xicihutong.