pets.com in the November 2000 collapse, it became ".Com bubble" typical, but its decline from prosperity to the scene is very spectacular. But the story is far from over: 10 years later, pets.com has become a lucrative part of the online strategy of the nation’s largest Pet Smart.

now, the number of global.Com domain name is four times in 2000. Every day we click on the network traffic generated by the mouse, has also increased 30 times.

in each pets.com is closed, there will be many companies because of the Internet and a great success, but also for their online business integration into a key part of business success.

day before, according to the information technology and Innovation Foundation (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) released a report: the total economic activity is now.Com to promote enterprises every year has reached 400 billion dollars, is expected to 2020, this figure will be more than doubled.

both in the United States of buffalo (Buffalo), or in India, Bangalore (Bangalore), the Internet, especially.Com has changed the business model, firstly it makes business partners as possible, and become more and more important. There are only 11 million 900 thousand.Com sites in e-commerce and online commerce. Even if the company does not sell products online, the site will also play a vital role in customer communication and marketing activities.

Internet revolution has a profound impact on

for business leaders, the Internet means entering new markets. The United States has a population of less than 5% of the world’s population. Even in the high-tech sector closely linked to U.S. companies, 73% of the procurement from overseas. Global trade is an unprecedented importance for us companies.

for business executives, the Internet means new rules and flexible working environment. For those coming out of college students, they never know without the Internet world is what they think of nine to five work mode is obsolescent, they believe that no matter where, office, car, beach, they can both work and life.


.Com and.Net VeriSign has operational responsibilities and rights, one of the areas we focus on is that in the past 25 years, technology innovation brings hitherto unknown challenge, and its impact on the future of the 25 years. For this reason, we have been paying close attention to the impact of technology and demand on infrastructure. The increase in the number of Internet users to bring traffic growth, at the same time, as many as billions of Internet enabled devices and smart Department