local life service platform reputation network officially released an open platform, open platform traffic to the next line of business, membership marketing, payment systems and large data operations, such as four capabilities.



technology news November 17th afternoon, local life service platform reputation network officially released an open platform, open platform to the next line of business flow, affiliate marketing, payment system and big data operations and other four kinds of ability.

traditional Buy mode by discount for businesses to pull the user, this is not to the merchant blood transfusion, but to the merchant blood sucking, raising only buy platform itself." The reputation of company CEO fan Chi said that the reputation of an open platform, is expected to introduce more ecological role and partners together to better serve the next line of business, so that the line of business can calmly return to the beginning of the heart, such as food and beverage businesses can focus on the delicacy, make good taste, and then focus on the so-called Internet operation.

subsidies and discounts, but the willingness to buy platform, not the real core demands of businesses." Fan Chi said that if the scale depends on subsidies to users, is not a healthy O2O model. The real O2O platform, to provide value to businesses, with the platform and the ecological way to help businesses under the line.

Fan Chi said to buy as the representative of the B2C model, through subsidies, discounts, the only way to bring the benefits to businesses based on traffic, and can not produce sustained value. Word of mouth to do platform mode, for the next line of business to provide closed-loop service full link, based on ecology, with an open mind, the introduction of various types of service providers and developers, to provide the most comprehensive solutions for businesses and users.

according to the word of mouth open platform director Huang Danfeng, word-of-mouth platform (open.alipay.com) will be opening up payment, marketing, credit and social relationships chain nine kinds of Interface Technology (API), and the Alibaba and payment service two ant group platform and technical resources, covering flows, affiliate marketing, payment and large data capacity of four.

platform flow, word-of-mouth Taobao, Alipay App mobile phone has an entrance, among them, the number of active users of Alipay’s more than 400 million. In addition, High German, micro-blog, UC and other platforms to provide multi story distribution support. Such as the user in the high moral map or UC browser, you can book a word of mouth and other home O2O service.

Huang Danfeng said, all of these flows are provided free of charge to businesses, businesses can decide whether to provide discounts to consumers, reputation will not force businesses to set discounts."

payment products, according to the different forms of the next line of business, reputation launched a customized mobile payment solutions. According to the difference in the type and size of the restaurant, merchants can choose to sweep the code gun cashier, merchant App cashier or store code silver and other different programs. In addition, the merchant’s account is generally more than 7 days, while in the word of mouth platform, the settlement period of the business