in August 29, 2014, today’s headlines users can see a rectification notice the background, the author read later, now explain to the vast number of friends, so as not to violate the high voltage line was closed account. The rectification is mainly to rectify some vulgar, low quality and some sensitive content. At present, the announcement of the seven rectification type.

first category: funny, wonderful class

interpretation: today’s headlines statement in the notice, the account refused to assemble, vulgar, pseudo original content, encourage a distinctive and original content; I have seen some jokes in the headlines, directly took someone else’s copy piece is up, the results also is approved. Mainly the use of these media accounts of the psychological negligence of the staff, and the headlines in this regard is not to strengthen the strict audit, it caused the headlines false original information flooding.


second categories: emotional

interpretation: this type of article has a lot of title of the party, read the title of the time when the blood spray, and click into the time, the content is very common. Some of these may be apocryphal. Some articles also have some content aired derailed, one night stands, incest and other information. Today’s headlines is an open platform, which users are also some students. For this type of article, for young people, 100 harm and no benefit.

third categories: Entertainment

interpretation: such articles most likely is not reliable, such as some gossip gossip, exaggerated energy-saving and other vulgar information and pseudo original content; some even fake content is if this type of It is sheer fiction.! Information is not strictly regulated, such information once spread out, too there will be some impact on today’s headlines brand.

fourth categories: health, health class

interpretation: everyone wants their own health, like a woman love beauty, the elderly want longevity, but this kind of health and health articles are also prone to rumors. For example, some articles to write what what is not suitable for cooking pot pull, easy carcinogenic ah, etc.. There is no scientific basis for this.

fifth: politics class

interpretation: for this type of political articles, most of them after some large media exposure and other media flow to turn away, of course, they also have access to the authorized reprint of others. However, this information is easy to flood, some of the media released this information later, the other media slightly changed the title immediately went up!

sixth: social

interpretation: today’s headlines official notice from the media praise the vast social news, also is not to accept people from the media reports of social news. As a person from the media, Feng Dongyang, I think, in fact, the media should be the most popular news for some of their own events