online shopping when you will pay attention to what? Many people have been used to check the store’s sales records, credit rating, commodity evaluation, in order to determine whether this store is reliable, it is worth buying goods. But you know, these sales records, credit rating and evaluation of goods how many real consumers are pushed up, how much is hiring out of the brush? Network brush reputation has formed a complete industrial chain of gray, the seller and the brush off to deceive consumers.

network part-time brush reputation quilt walk 2800 yuan

home in Handan, Xiao Yang just graduated from college this year, a person working in Shijiazhuang, the first job is not resigned recently, would like to find a part-time job. But let her never thought is that an hour of part-time network not only did not earn the living expenses, the card is also cheated 2800 yuan savings.

Yang said, the evening of August 7th, she was from the Baidu search network part-time, found out a lot of credibility to shop on behalf of the brush part-time, day end wages, two hours a day, as long as there is a computer and Alipay or online banking can earn eight thousand or nine thousand yuan a month, which she was very fond of. Open one go, they encountered a customer service poems, she added "customer poems QQ number, the other told her that her job is to take goods from the shop, the shop’s merchandise sales increase, credit score and score, photographed, the store will soon put the money back to her and pay commissions. Then customer poems gave her a link to an online shop, selling virtual goods, and issued the first task of a single shot, 108 Yuan Yang, try holding the attitude from Alipay paid 108 yuan to buy a virtual card, then put the order number and card password screenshots sent to the customer service poems". Soon she received a principal of 108 yuan +5 yuan commission. The success of the transaction so that Xiao Yang feel at ease, then she according to customer poems requirements took two single, "customer service poems said one had to make another two at the same time to be together rebate Commission, Yang also took two single. But customer poems and asked her to make another ten single, "because the reason is in front of you several times too long operation time difference system and cause the card in the repayment process, now the business requires you to make another 10 to activate, after activation system will give you paid plus a total principal amount of 2808 + wages 208=3016 yuan please go to complete activation." Xiao Yang for gospel truth, and took ten single, so far, less than an hour, she has spent 2808 yuan. However, the next customer service poems and asked her to make another 20 single. This little Yang Cai is not right. She told the customer service poems, which she was not working, the commission do not want them to be able to return to her capital.

The results of

as can be imagined, the principal is not coming back, "customer service poems QQ is still constantly urging her on to a single shot, said another 20 single can return her principal and commissions.

virtual goods brush credibility is mostly cheat part-time money

reporter in accordance with Yang Yang