1.12306 official response user data leakage: blame me? You do not brush votes  

at noon today, we have reported a large number of 12306 user data online crazy pass quickly change the password, the message, the current 12036 official has issued a notice to confirm that the user password leaked news is true.

12306 official announcement, saying that after careful verification, all of this leaked information contains the user’s plaintext password. 12306 web site database all user passwords are non plaintext conversion code, the user information leaked online department or other channels through the outflow.

remind everyone to quickly modify their 12306 passwords, and do not disclose their own account password, after all, including the ID card, mobile phone numbers and other important private information.

2.PC version of WeChat QQ is closed or will lose the last position

Tencent is being carried out within the PC version of WeChat’s test, although the news has spread for a long time. But today we can see a clear shot.

Mac version of WeChat has been launched at the beginning of this year. WeChat team has also launched a QQ browser and can be used on the WeChat PC. But in addition to the mobile side of the App, the other official version of the WeChat client scan code is used to sweep the way, PC version of WeChat is no exception.

3 Renren released 2014 annual hot words list  

a few more days to end in 2014. A review of the year, what young people discuss in 2014, what most concerned? Recently, renren.com released the 2014 college hot words list, including the ten, ten on campus popular events, most college students love the ten variety show, campus ten popular stars, most college students pay attention to the ten book, most college students pay attention to the ten movies, ten campus seven key words list, let the portrait of a young man quietly jump in the paper.

list by all large data semantic mining automatic generation system of "everyone said," everyone says is "intelligent automatic semantic data analysis system all large, mining system ordered by generating content to a user. The 2014 annual list covering 219 million registered users of renren.com activation throughout the province, University, high school, focusing on the young users, fully embodies the after 90 or even 95 young people personality label, reduction of young people to think independently, love life, pay attention to sense of self-worth and truth.

4.5 people open overseas gambling sites on the day of the income of tens of thousands of gamblers bet nine lose  

the use of offshore gambling sites, through acquaintances others gamble, setup, daily profit of 10 thousand yuan, CANDU will lose the majority. Yesterday, according to reports from the Fangshan police, in a residential rental housing to investigate a network gambling.