changes are taking place as a forerunner. It is said that this famous saying has become a universally accepted rule of success in today’s society. For China’s Internet industry grassroots network marketing experts Luo Liming, there is a more personal experience.

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is not even parents recognized the "bad boy", a missed and traditional higher education from entrepreneurs, until now helped many enterprises began its journey to a successful network marketing, network marketing industry has been generally recognized, Luo Liming, representative of the first generation of grass roots webmaster Chinese, with hard work and Practice, witnessed the change and development of the Internet Chinese.


"bad boy"


Hunan, a A remarkable place produces outstanding people. land, is never short of miracle. In the spring of 96, an ordinary country road in Hunan Longhui, a young boy did not retreat, looking puzzled from the shuttle vehicle. High school for three years, has been replaced by a school of the five, the rebellious boy from childhood, do not know how to change the way the next step. But at this moment, he also realized that life is not necessarily going to college too observant of conventional standards. miracle perhaps will happen, in that a long distance away from home. At this time, because the rebel has no books to read Luo Liming, stay at home with his father to do farm work, hill, almost half a year.

embrace the rush of the idea, so that Luo Liming never want to stay at home, listening to his father’s scolding, watching the mother’s anxiety. In August 96, he boarded a bus to Guangzhou, started out battles career. First arrived in Guangzhou, Luo Liming and many ordinary workers, because there is no technical diploma, can only do ordinary workers in the factory, in the production line with the most tired most bitter life, after tasted rushing, hunger, loneliness, Luo Liming realized, just start empty-handed a distant dream for him that he should have their own "proficiency in a particular line". To this end, he quit his job and learned electrical appliances repair, auto repair and other skills, in order to strive for the opportunity to practice, he don’t pay voluntarily to the repair shop as an apprentice, although very hard, but always not long, time spent two years, but still no gain, no school.

99 years, a chance, Luo Liming heard a distant relatives in his hometown of Longhui opened a computer school. He is very strange, very excited, because the computer at the time for many people is still a relatively novel mystery, Luo Liming once again did not hesitate to choose to leave Guangzhou, returned to his hometown in Longhui, then in Longhui County of a computer training school, often can see a young man sitting in the shadow beside the computer, seems to be a natural love of the network, let him sit for a day, adhere to almost 6 months did not come downstairs, because of the hard work and perseverance, others for one year to learn the knowledge, he only spent half. When the novice computer, because can not afford the tuition, the relatives turn eight curved to promise to let him study, all the expenses.