first of all, to talk about a point of view is that the community represents the future of the internet. The first two years may be a lot of people do not believe this point of view, because when we say that the community is still a narrow concept such as BBS, text blog, but this year a lot of people will agree. At the same time, the community is also the Internet in recent years to a subtle form of the revolution.

vast majority of primary and secondary community potential

The success of some sites on the other side of the

represents the choice of a new generation of young people to the Internet, they are no longer satisfied with the Internet access to mail or a mere recipient. Netizens to express themselves, to DIY. the most typical example is known as Digg, technically is far less than the BBS early, but the source Digg make a significant change is no longer by the network network news editor to do, but by the users to update, which created a new network news dissemination pattern.

a year in the country, although some sites in the 2 model to explore the difficulties encountered, many people to discuss whether or not a 2 is just a concept. I think from the direction of view, the above problems encountered is not equal to the community itself has problems. In fact, the development of community in China has just begun.

community requirements of Internet users and the Web1.0 era is different. Before the Internet users passively accept the information and the use of Web sites to provide functionality, but the real community is to allow users to become the real main body, the United States in this area of community network culture is more mature than we. At the same time, China does not have access to the Internet or the initial Internet users are many, which represent the development of community in China has just begun.

even overnight Chinese appeared a lot of foreign websites imitators, I think there are more Chinese their original small community, these BBS, blog and other personal space truly represents the future of the community network China.

who is the dominant Chinese Internet? Today is a Tencent, one is Baidu. Is it really up to their income or market value? I think that’s the result, not the cause. The reason is that Tencent as China’s largest community earlier than the United States to explore the mode of community communication. So if one day in China Baidu beat Google, I am not surprised.

is the core needs of Internet users to communicate dating

my personal intuitive feeling is that the core needs of the Internet is not to see the news, not only the use of tools, communication and dating. In the era of information scarcity, the main demand is news; when the network is really life, it is difficult to distinguish between real life and virtual society. The network community is a real solution to online communication and friends, we have a common interest, common problems, common to read a book, or to discuss a movie, are friends. Why Tencent today is the overlord? Because a few years ago to meet the needs of young Chinese friends, communication, chat.

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