A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 10th news recently, takeaway ordering platform meal obtained by public comment lead investor C round of financing, takeaway market competition is increasingly fierce. From the United States and the United States and the United States to take away the layout of the group, Ali force Amoy little bit, Baidu Baidu map relying on the O2O business Baidu takeaway, to the Jingdong will be home to introduce the food home……

from the end of last year, with the giants for personal delivery service up close, business oriented delivery is going into the eyes of investors. In the field of food takeout, Alibaba last year multi flow drainage to the Amoy little beauty group; $700 million financing Jingdong; following the 2013 second investment at home and in delicacy, the room of the APP grafted to its new business strategy level "take home"; Jingdong, Tencent, the public comment also are involved in the investment hungry for $350 million in the latest round of financing. Food takeaway in the last year to become giants to improve the ecological chain O2O Red Sea competition.

for the U.S. group, Baidu, Ali these reached the takeaway market platform for the company, take out the liquidity is not important, important is through the high frequency takeaway services for new users and stick to the user. It can be said that the purpose of the big companies do takeaway is not just takeaway itself, but in order to layout the life of the service O2O market, grab an entrance.

November 2013 U.S. officially launched on November 2014, on the orders of more than 1 million, until the end of December, the daily orders over 1 million 500 thousand single. From the point of view of expansion rate, the pace of development of the United States takeaway far beyond the management team’s forecast. Founder of the United States mission, CEO Wang Xing recently publicly stated that in 2014 the biggest regret is to underestimate the development of the market.

Whether it is BAT or

Jingdong, the industry enthusiasm for the field of O2O has been known to all, an entrance and takeaway business giants fight. In the industry view, "O2O takeaway in frequency and the price of the cross region belong to the first quadrant absolute, and is similar to the car. This kind of business high frequency, high price, just need to be the most suitable for O2O entry.

With the support of the capital market,

players are also increasingly fierce competition for takeout tickets, and in the second half of 2014 set off a few months of subsidies war. In some areas, the reduction rate even once reached over 20 minus 12 yuan, U.S., hungry, Baidu takeaway "turns the dinner", quickly three or four city had not developed catalytic takeaway market.

data show that as early as 2013 Chinese online ordering market reached 50 billion 260 million yuan, users reached 107 million passengers. Estimated takeaway in 2015 will exceed 100 billion yuan, in 2017 there will be a market capacity of $1 trillion and 700 billion. But it is worth noting that the takeaway and taxi software market burn".