Spider for the optimization of personnel is similar to the mascot, like the existence of the web site to attract spider crawling is every SEOer must do. How to attract the presence of spider is a relatively old topic, but each time there will always be some new enlightenment. The network is a fast-food era, any small changes may lead to the optimization of a storm. The "amnesty" what is the performance? The author Dennis to share today is what kind of page wise remark of an experienced person can obtain the spiders like.

first, the weight of the first page. The spider love or high weight the weight of the website page, how to define the weight? Are those high weight website and search engine to determine the high quality website, this website is spider love website, crawling in the depth and breadth are awesome.

second, the appropriate frequency update is a magic weapon. Every page search engine spiders crawling over there are savings data, if your site without any updates, when the spider again found the content is the same, the spider will not crawl your site frequently; and if the content of the website for regular updates, some appropriate adjustments do little to this forum, forever fresh things will attract spider, spider crawling frequent.

third, the original content is critical. Web site to search engine spiders is the greatest temptation of high quality original content, high quality content is to maintain the vitality of the spider vitamin, is the major search engine spiders need all the time.

fourth, clean website architecture wide. Web site architecture is the basis of the site, the spider on the clear, concise code of the site is particularly friendly, from the site’s title, keyword, description to the navigation bar, the picture is very important to describe the alt.

fifth, site map clever lure". Site map whether the search engine spiders or for Internet users is a beacon light, it can be more accurate for the spider crawling specified routes, browse for users of the goal guidance, increase spider crawling breadth.

sixth, inner chain placement depth. The search engine spiders are similar to reptiles, days of sex "drilling", when we put all the content page clever use of links together, regardless of your content hidden how deep the spider will according to your set of routes to crawl the content. But when should pay attention to links to web content, to ensure the link activity, once found links will be deleted immediately, otherwise it will give the spider a bad impression, before are likely to cast to waste.

seventh, the chain guide climb stop. We do the main purpose of the chain or hope that the spider can climb through the station outside the link to our website, so as to bring a good site. The author Dennis so often to do some high quality station outside the chain, and will link to the page for the content and not just limited.