we do website optimization and promotion, quality resources has been our blog to want, then what can be high quality blog? How do we create high-quality


first: access to high-quality blog resources. It is through the general means, can not apply for access to the blog resources, this blog is not completely open to the outside world, the quality is very high. For example, DoNews, a lot of columns, such as news is a news gathering source, the weight is very high, belong to the scarcity of high-quality blog, the same, through Sina experts, Sohu certified experts are also high-quality blog resources. If we get these resources, will be in the SEO sector to achieve a multiplier effect.

second: blog has the high quality theme clear blog resources, how can we use? Our blog must have a clear theme, SEO will be launched around the website optimization, and write comments will be in the entertainment entertainment as the core. There are many bloggers into a misunderstanding, because want to maximize the role of a blog, what content to add, news, pictures, variety, hoping to attract traffic and the audience, in the end this blog can only own neither fish nor fowl, go to die.

third: high quality content and our website, blog also need to have high quality content support. We can be more, also can be the original, but must be of high quality, not on the network have been flooding the contents, so as to keep the user, can also be search engine love.

fourth: learn to share and share kaimi often love search engines, will search the blog title, found a surprise thing, there are many share content search engine was arranged to the better position, and as the original my blog without ranking. This shows that the search engine is more recognition of users to share, somewhat similar to the chain strategy. Baidu space this is particularly prominent. So learn to share and be shared will greatly improve the weight of their blog.

fifth: many footprints not only to operate their own blog, but also often to other blog space to see, to visit his visitors, so leave footprints in the other space. There are many bloggers have to return the natural habits, increase the flow rate of the blog, is interested in the blog will add you as a friend, in order to establish their own blog network, when your blog network is very wide, your blog will get more attention.

sixth: build blog weight

we operate blog not only to learn to write a blog, but also to know how to promote their own blog, join the blogosphere has the opportunity to make their blog more attention. And if there is a way to make their blog posts to be pushed to the blog column or even the blog column home page, whether it is to bring traffic, or pass over the weight, are considerable. And how to make your blog is pushed to