[from the current domestic group purchase industry situation, 24 tickets have been difficult to adhere to the IPO step, making it difficult to find common stock cash arbitrage opportunities, and preferred stock will be able to through private financing or merger arbitrage, which is the fundamental reason for the 24 ticket management team and management game of]

does not want to be expelled by the capital of the 24 CEO Du Yinan (micro-blog), is seeking more financing as a bargaining chip in order to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.

on Friday, the domestic network group purchase 24 coupons released by all 13 departments signed a collective statement that will be paid for the way to deal with from creditors Dun behavior, saying that a difficult decision is made up of 24 tickets a shareholders take company at the crucial moment of capital operation.

in fact, 24 tickets also hope that through such a business, to the old shareholders "forcing", to force it with their own dialogue. Du Yinan to the first Financial Daily reporters also admitted that the conflict between the 24 bond management team and shareholders from Malaysia intensified, the current stalemate between the two sides.

it is understood that this financing is coming, is a stepping stone to the interests of both sides of the layout, the amount is only about 10 million yuan level. Behind this financing, there is a potential strategic mergers and acquisitions occurred, which is the two sides of the dispute over the ownership arrangement of the reasons.

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Du Yinan did not expect that, as the old shareholders do not want to continue to invest, the individual for several months to run around, the results of hard financing, just waiting for their own will be kicked out of the process.

Du Yinan described the process as a "coup" in September this year, Du Yinan in the United States had received several letters similar messages in the night before, several key executives mail tickets in Beijing office in 24. They invariably revealed to it, 24 coupons COO KK, is plotting to set up a new company outside of the 24 coupons, and decided to return to Du Yinan before returning to complete the transfer of assets.

months after KK consultant in the name of the 24 sending coupons, coupons as 24 COO post only half. It is reported that, KK has worked in the successful group of Malaysia, chairman of the group’s successful private friends. One of the 24 investors of the securities is the successful group president Chen Zhiyuan’s personal company (B& B). Investment projects on the 24 coupons also happens to be responsible for the success of the group chairman.

therefore, within the 24 coupons, KK is seen as an investment representative of the management side of Chen Zhiyuan.

of the KK to set up another company news, Du Yinan ‘s night with each company executives on the phone, "the statement as 24 coupons will never leave the company founder, in agreement with several executives after removal of the KK by mail. Since KK 24 COO only half a month, has not yet taken the normal appointment process, so it is not approved by the board >