with the gradual completion of the smart phone penetration in China, the domestic mobile phone brand has also completed a reshuffle. The TCL in the past, the waveguide (in the mobile phone, Amoi, Lenovo and other fighters) gradually fade out of our field of vision, it is millet, Oppo, Vivo, HUAWEI etc.. We first saw the miracle of millet, after HUAWEI became the largest domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and according to the end of 2016 data, Oppo has become a new king. This paper attempts to OV, millet, HUAWEI three business model to consider their differences, as well as the future prospects of China’s smart phone.

alternative legend OV: channel is king

BBK origin OV is the biggest winner in the past few years the rise of domestic mobile phones.

even the last issue of the Economist magazine also mentioned the success of the OV channel is king. According to the latest IDC data, OV shipments have exceeded HUAWEI, China’s mobile phone market has become the boss, the total market share of up to 30%. The same two by BBK founded mobile phone brand, in the past few years, the depth of the hard line channels, especially in the acceptance of Internet is not the two or three line of the city area first-tier cities so high, the old way of rural areas surrounding the city, has become a surprise Chinese mobile phone leader.

if we enter the three or four tier cities, we will not be surprised by the success of Oppo, Vivo. Almost every walk fifty meters will be able to see the dealer selling Oppo and Vivo phones. OV shopping guide is very enthusiastic, apparently a unified professional training. At the same time, every shopping guide WeChat will add all the customers in his side to buy mobile phones, once the problem can contact immediately, so that someone to solve you. It can be said, OV shopping guide at the same time did the work of after-sales service. For most of the four or five line of people, it is difficult to accept the pure Internet channel millet. They need to come into contact with this phone, it was explained the function of the phone, as well as access to after-sales service.

excellent brand promotion. As early as a few years ago, OV put a lot of resources in brand awareness, so many people do not know OV is a domestic mobile phone. I remember deeply in the "dream space" after the launch, the hottest time of the plum, Oppo had launched a small plum endorsement Find Me advertising. We found that the variety show advertising, OV is the most obvious endorsement. Li Yifeng, Yang Yang,, Boys, TF, and so on for the Oppo endorsement of the. "The charge for five minutes, 2 hours of talk", the powerful function of beauty camera has become their distinctive characteristics. This is OV’s understanding of human nature in product design and advertising.

most of the mobile phone in the design, have ignored the female self timer just need". Too much attention to the system, while ignoring the simple camera function. OV through a little bit of hardware transformation, rapid access to the identity of female users. The fast charging function, more from its strong propaganda. In fact >