In August 6, Beijing

newspaper (reporter Liu Sheng) following the network transmission "UNIQLO room" and "Zhejiang Shengzhou" and "indecent video" being investigated according to law, the network spread of Zhejiang Lishui yesterday million square "and" Chengdu Jiuyanqiao "and" indecent video ", the national anti pornography office immediately to coordinate public security other departments in-depth investigation, strict accountability of personnel involved in legal liability according to law. At present, the case involved have been seized, the case is under further investigation.

national pornography Office official said today, "indecent video" harm to social morality, to promote pornography, seriously disrupted the network order, trampling on the moral bottom line of the law, extremely bad social impact, the masses strongly condemned, must be severely punished according to law. National pornography office has deployed around the "anti pornography" and "anti pornography" members of the unit, immediately carry out network pornographic video, micro video special rectification, request the relevant departments once found such video, micro video on the Internet, the first time to carry out the inventory, the first time investigation, tracing the source, and resolutely to combat criminals, and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal websites.

at the same time, the national anti pornography office appealed to the masses to actively report to this kind of behavior, but also by telephone 12390, Chinese pornography network pornography or micro-blog, WeChat online report.