I should be invited to write a small paper. On the website, I actually not master, just experience relatively more. 2003 website, was in the middle school, the computer hobby is completely crazy, grow and stationmaster net together, watching Baidu grew up, from the time, every day looking for the source code, a source station opened and closed, often in class to take out a piece of paper in the following web site planning think of something, or domain name. Now come on, it was cute.

as the primary webmaster, beginning not willing to spend money to buy a domain name, the international domain name at the time the price is not too high, is not willing to spend money to buy, a year after I registered my first name, really happy, the domain names are engraved in the class table, the days of development what portal in thinking, got a thief program, or music or software news, thief, thief, pass up after the first day, happy second days, Baidu included site:*** did not change, third days is not changed, N days later, Baidu suddenly increased by, happy, look at the statistics, immediately. Wow, today nearly one thousand of IP, at second days, covered the entire advertising website, what code automatically click, click on the mandatory code are used, see Union statistics, every day 10 Fen, a few yuan, wow, today a good income, and also Log in to see what people in the forum to buy advertising, to shout about.

after a period of time, no money to use, the site sold, earned a few hundred dollars, continue to get a new site. That period of time, the sale of special fire program, what digital information port program, what B2B ah, a few thousand dollars, someone say break every day, sometimes you have to download a program, change to the webmaster forums, occasionally people buy it 100 or earn tens of dollars, and then friends, money to go to eat a snack, eat Hainan powder, inland did not have to buy, no money at the same time we suffer, coke.

a few years later, the situation is different, also know more widely, I have only wanted to do music website, so the registration of the domain name t6t8.com, do not know how many times through the psychological struggle, best give up, started the game related websites, for this, a lot of friends very surprised, because really, I will only play crazy car, will not play any other games. I feel strange, I have to do is not thought to be a long time to do, by what SEO had intended to earn some money to optimize Baidu search, pay tuition, some living expenses. So did not invest a penny, and later in after the collection gave me some traffic.

good friend support of my server, I began to think anyway, some space, began to provide localized software download, from the original to their local software hotlinking, strange to say, the site of growth at an alarming rate, I was extremely surprised, flow to ten thousand with the dormitory friends go out to Happy, then when the flow rate is more than ten thousand, ten thousand feel that IP is too little, like never seen before one hundred yuan,.