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U.S. technology media The Information news reports, so that this year’s fire AR Magic Leap plunged into an unprecedented crisis. The Information said, Magic Leap in the past released a number of AR technology to show the magic of the video, in fact, is a video effects produced by the company Weta.


in the past one or two years, Magic Leap has become a magic AR, so far has received $1 billion 400 million in venture capital, the market valuation of up to $4 billion 500 million, investors including Google (micro-blog), Alibaba and the well-known Silicon Valley venture company Anderson Horowitz.

Magic Leap was the reason for the giant’s investment, because the company has claimed that it has never been in the history of the emergence of advanced technology, to create a virtual scene in the real world scene. But the The Information reports, coupled with the news of this year, executives continue to make the news as well as the failure to launch new products, Magic Leap outlook has been very bad.

Magic Leap do what is it?


Magic Leap known previously outside of the company, the development of the products also had to carefully conceal mentioning the Tencent of science and technology, Magic Leap, to the product progress, technology and other issues to seek a response, the other replied: "now no comment, you know."

Magic Leap CEO Abbe Weitz has publicly expressed his position on the company: "you can see us as a science and Technology Biology (), we think it is the future of Computer Science (Techno-biology)."

in July this year, has been secretive Abbe Weitz finally announced that their products are the production line debugging. According to Abbe Weitz’s argument, Magic Leap can change the virtual reality. This product is very understanding of the human eye, brain and central nervous system is how to work, and then use the brain to this process. Therefore, the logic of the design of the device is not how to render the screen, but the use of natural things, and direct interaction.

if you don’t understand what Magic Leap is doing, we might as well make a comparison between the current AR products (HoloLens, Meta) and Magic Leap: a



in a variety of AR helmets, Microsoft’s HoloLens is currently the only physical experience can be. Watch this device